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    LTCC LTCC advantage of stents do a ceramic cup ceramic printed circuit, the user can simply dispense with the original equipment package, not as high-temperature ceramic substrate according to DPC thin film manufacturing process to make good thermal conductivity, but in 1W to 3W application LTCC5050 application LTCC3535 also unique characteristics and advantages, before the customer has not yet decided to use DPC ceramic brackets is a good choice, mainly for horizontal chip package.




    Al2O3-3535Cavity LTCC ceramic substrates


    Al2O3-5050Cavity LTCC ceramic substrates




    Thermal conductivity: Al2O3 - 2 ~ 6W/mk


    Palting: Ag


    Size: 3535 specifications 5050 specifications


    Thickness: 1mm

    Carrying power: 1w


    Can be encapsulated monocrystalline Size: less can be encapsulated grain 45x45mil

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