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TenSky 【NO.1magical shield】 nano diamond coating

  • TenSky 【NO.1magical shield】 nano diamond coating
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    This product is a DIY Nano-class, easy-to-clean coating product. It forms a strong protective layer on the surface of the car’s paint work. The Tensky nano-crystal coating is a nano-class premium high hardness protective film. It complies to RoHs Euro environmental specifications.




    Glass surface, vehicle wind shield, consumer electronic products, ceramics, and bathroom walls, metal, the entire vehicle metal, the nano-coating spray paint could apply on the top of it. It has the properties of water prove and therefore it is widely use on surfaces that need this feature.




    Shake the bottle well.

    Before applying the nano coating, ensure the surface to be coated is free from dust, oil, grease, particles or dirt. Use water or shampoo to wash the surface and wait till the surface is complete dry before applying the coating.


    Use sponge, lint free cloth or fabrics to clean the surface to apply the coating with circular motion.

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