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    Product description :

    This product is a DIY nano- coating products , in line with EU & FDA RoHs class environmental specifications.


    Wear-resistant and easy to clean with a stain-resistant anti -stick Sticky, anti- corrosion properties.

    Replace the grease release agents , mold oil pollution emitted object is no longer needed , the mold will not need


    to do high- PTFE surface treatment Pleiades The cost to replace the PTFE surface treatment characteristics.


    Easy release , a good cleaning , the best injection mold protection agent.



    Shake the bottle up and down when in use.

    Clean the mold completely cleaning the grease composition , so that the mold at 20 ~ 30cm away completely dry


    evenly sprayed on the mold surface .

    Preheat evenly spray the mold 150 to 200 degrees for 20 to 30 minutes to use .


    Uses : Metal injection molding and mold protection agents, mold release agents to replace the use of oil .

    Ingredients: nano- silica and alcohols, solvents mixtures.



    Recommended to bring gloves , avoid spraying an allergic reaction in the skin .

    Please store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight , avoid fire and high temperatures.

    Eyes, flush with water after a doctor first if accidentally splashed on .


    Do not allow children to use, placed in difficult to obtain.




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