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    Product Features:


    The product is a high-tech coating, it is not an additive as can be easily purchased.


    Complied to RoHS environmental specifications, high-tech Nano Coating formulations, and resistant to high temperature heat radiation micro-converter features.


    It can be used on power generators or combustion engines. The radiant heat converstion and dissipation characteristics will achieve better fuel consumption and environmental friendliness.


    By applying the coating directly to the surface area of the device, Nano thermal coating material becomes a layer of thermal radiation material bond to the surface of the device. The heat from the device can be absorbed and dissipated radially through the coating. Thermal radiation field is generated by the Nano coating and activate the oil molecules to achieve and to improve combustion efficiency. It also enhances the vehicle’s radiator and water tank heat dissipation, reducing power wastage of the alternator. It in turn achieve energy saving and improve power efficiency.


    Recommended Area of Application: Heat dissipation and fuel system, such as the following: Radiator, Water tank and engine cooling fins,


    fuel tank (SHIELD), fuel hose, and the exhaust pipe (preferably at the area near the fuel tank), carburetor, alternator(shell), engine room.



    How to use it:

    1. Ensure that the surface to be applied is completely free of dust, oil, stain, water, dirt etc.

    2. Shake the container for at least 30 seconds to 60 seconds and the steel ball hit against the inner wall of the container for more than 20 seconds.

    3. Shake the container regularly before applying to ensure it is well mixed before application.

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